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Ceiling Installation in the Matunuck Oyster Bar

Ceiling Installation in the Matunuck Oyster Bar

First thing’s first.

Have you been to the Matunuck Oyster Bar yet? If not, you are missing out in a big way.

We recently were invited to complete the installation of a new ceiling in the main bar area, working with owner Perry Raso to help bring his vision to life. The overarching goal was to replace the existing ceiling mural, making the aesthetic better fit with the rest of the restaurant’s decor.

It was decided that a classy, ultra-glossy ceiling would be the way to go. But that raised an important question...

How Do You Refinish the Ceiling in a Busy Restaurant?

Since this is such a hot spot, we needed a plan for how to complete the work without shutting down the bar area (there’s no faster way to make enemies than that, right?).

All of the work needed to be done at night, and it needed to be a fast process that allowed a rapid return to service. Especially with glossy ceilings, a lot of work (and time) is often required.

A Creative Ceiling Refinishing Solution

Our solution was to design a herringbone pattern, shiplap ceiling.

This would allow us to complete the lion’s share of the work in our offsite refinishing shop, then come and install the ceiling before the next day’s lunch rush.


We used Ilva 2K Polyurethane Gloss to create an incredible shine, and then polished and buffed it after the install to create the mirror-like finish. This entire approach was fast, efficient, and allowed us to stay right on schedule.

“I am very proud of our team for the work that went into this project,” says Mike Moffitt, owner of DMP. “I am also very thankful to Perry Raso for giving us the opportunity to create this beautiful ceiling. Please have a look and take in an incredible meal!”

Huge shout-out to our fantastic carpentry team too, for their precise work and off-site finishing expertise.

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