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Why People Should Hire DMP, A Letter Written by My Daughter

So this week my wife had a ‘mom’s night out’ and I was home with my 3 girls ages 8, 5 and 2. The little one fell asleep early which left the ‘2 bigs’ and Daddy. I had to get some proposals out to customers, so I open my laptop at the kitchen table to get some work done. My oldest, Ava, sits down with me and says she needs to get some work done too, and what can she help with? I decided to give her an assignment that might keep her busy for a little while, so that I could get what I needed, done. I told her to write a story about why customers should hire us instead of another painting company. It turned into a full blown interview from her part and ended up with something that will be framed in my office. I know that when you read this it might look like a cheap advertising gimmick, but this is really meant to be a blog from a proud Daddy about funny stories that happens when you work from home. Enjoy…