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Wakefield’s Thanksgiving Makeover | Tuesday Update

Today was an exciting day that made me flash back to last year's makeover. I feel like so many people got to meet Adam this weekend and could really get motivated to start this project. It starts like a ripple in the water and before you know it, it's a head high wave. New developments come every day, and as someone suggested, on a new, different, often small way to make the family's day just a little better. It is always awesome to get new companies involved in this project. It's a real message to me that says quality people are running these companies.

Today, we confirmed that Buckley Heating will be installing the heating system and taking care of hooking up to the existing boiler. We also got South County Sound and Video aboard so that we can hook up Adam's new tv, sound and game system. We also set an appointment for an insulation company to come and take a look at the project to add sprayed foam insulation. That would be a huge bonus if we could get that taken care of. With a concrete floor below our new raised floor, having the sprayed foam insulation will really help insulate the room.

When calling Maria at work, I spoke with one of her colleagues. She surprised me by letting me know about of a benefit dinner that she and her husband are planning in order to raise money to cover materials. This was awesome news and I love hearing about positive people who are there for this family.

- Mike Moffitt