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Tips for Creating an Accent Wall

Tips for Creating an Accent Wall

When it comes to painting the house, a great way to make a big home decorating impact with minimal effort is painting an accent wall. An accent wall will be painted a different color than the other three walls within the room. Below are some suggestions to consider when choosing an accent wall.

Choose Your Room

Depending on the room, you may be limited on where you place an accent wall. Typically, you want your accent wall to be solid (with the exception of highlighting something like a fireplace) with no openings like those caused by entrance or exit doorways. Also, if you are dealing with an oddly shaped room it is best to place your accent wall where it will best balance the room. For example, if you a working with a long narrow room you would want to paint one of the shorter walls as opposed to one of the longer ones. Contrasting the shorter wall will give the appearance of a room with a more uniform and even shape.

Choose Your Focal Point

The focal point is where you want people to focus when they enter a room. Accent walls are great for establishing a focal point because our eyes will naturally gravitate to what stands out, in this case, a different colored wall. If you have something of interest such as a fireplace, artwork, or a piece of furniture that you want to draw people’s attention to using an accent wall is a great way to do so.

Choose Your Paint

Often times, an accent wall is a few shades darker than the other walls in the room but you don’t necessarily have to play it safe. You can also make a statement by choosing colors that really contrast one another. Using a color wheel can help you find colors that really play off one another.  You can also tie an accent wall to another color in the room. An example would be making your wall match the color of a rug, curtains, or other piece of décor in the room. 

If this is your first time utilizing an accent wall, play around with different colors. Get some paint samples. Any local painting company from Westerly to Coventry will be happy to supply them. Then paint small swatches of your accent wall to see what you like best.

Whether this is the only step in your home decorating project in Richmond, or one of many in East Greenwich, we would love to offer our expertise. At DMP, we are dedicated to doing only the finest work. If you would like to speak with a painting contractor, or set up a free consultation, contact us today.