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Thanksgiving Makeover in RI | Early December Update from Mike Moffitt

We are making steady progress at Adam’s house. The garage is starting to take shape as finished living space. Windows are in and the garage doors are out. The floor is raised to the same height as the rest of the house.

Greg Bressler, of Picus Woodwrights, and Pete and Tom Manning of TF Manning Builders, have been leading the efforts from the construction end. Special thanks to both of their companies. The rough plumbing has been completed by Glenn Anderson of Coastal Plumbing. The front staircase has been modified to allow for wheel chair access by Bill Bivona of Harwood Designs.

Home decorating designs are in the works as both Kim Peterson of KEP Designs, and Evelyn Audet of Evelyn Audet Lighting Designs, are ahead of the curve with their plans. They are both chomping at the bit to get started.

Painting the house exterior has been completed. We decided to lighten the gray color and add more black accents. I am a huge fan of classic colors. The interior of the existing house has been primed as we are still deciding on the final colors.

We are targeting a Christmas week completion date and are starting to plan around that. We would really like Adam to be able to sleep in his new room for Christmas. Getting to know him and his family has been a real treat. I do not know many 10 years olds, but it is has been a lot of fun to be around Adam.

Fundraising is going well. A co-worker of Adam’s mom organized a benefit dinner at the Richmond Grange and raised $2000.00 to benefit our makeover. After our article in the Projo on Thanksgiving, we had 3 people call to donate towards covering materials. This is new to us as last year was mostly all labor. We will need a lot more once it is all said and done.