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Residential Painting Services in Wakefield, RI: Three Ways of Identifying Rooms that Need Primer

Residential Painting Services in Wakefield, RI: Three Ways of Identifying Rooms that Need Primer

Dennis Moffitt Painting knows that time equals money, and that saving on either of these hot commodities is a good idea. When it comes to painting your residential interior, we’re interested in helping our customers throughout Rhode Island achieve both their goals: Improving their interior and protecting their time and money. We’re OK with people asking us questions about our business, and any concerned home owner is bound to ask at some point: “Is priming really necessary?” Here are our thoughts:

Are you making a drastic leap in color? If you’re making a big change in the color of your dining room, it’s best to start out with a primer. Going from a darker blue to a lighter neutral will take many, many coats of paint. It’s best to save the paint color for a rainy day, and start out with a primer. These drastic changes in color can also be helped by a tinted primer. Our color experts at DMP will be able to evaluate your room and the needs it has for a makeover.

Is your surface wood, drywall, or concrete? These porous surfaces definitely require a primer coat for your interior renovation. The more natural the material, the more susceptible the paint becomes to seeping through holes and cracks in the surface. It’s best to use a slow-drying, oil-based primer before painting one of these surfaces.

Are you changing types of paint? If you’re moving from an oil-based paint to a latex paint, it’s best to start the project with a primer. Primers offer your walls a clean slate, so that they can better accommodate the new paint color. Our professionals at DMP have years of experience in the New England area with choosing the right combination of materials for your residential interior.

At DMP, we don’t take unnecessary short cuts. On our residential interior jobs, we go ahead and prime the walls. Even using a green, latex paint on an unprimed, white, latex wall generally would take two coats. So why not start with a trusted primer that would allow you just one coat of green? Contact us today at 401-789-2181 to set up an initial consultation and to find out more about all the services that we have to offer.