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Residential Painting Services in Wakefield, RI: Ensuring Your Home is Winter-Ready

Residential Painting Services in Wakefield, RI: Ensuring Your Home is Winter-Ready

Weather experts are predicting a snowier, colder winter for North Eastern residents this year. Harsh weather conditions can cause premature aging and damage to your residential exterior. Ensuring that proper preventative measures are taken to protect your home will allow you to mentally rest easier during the upcoming holidays. Why put off protecting your largest investment?

Dennis Moffitt Painting offers a number of services for residential interiors and exteriors. With more than 35 years of experience in areas from Barrington to Westerly, we know what winters in Rhode Island are like, and we know how to protect your home from the worst of winters. Some important things to consider when winterizing your home: 

Waterproofing: Waterproofing essentially builds a barrier between the water and the exterior of the structure, preventing harsh elements from eating away at your exterior and weakening your interior. DMP offers this service to both homeowners and commercial business owners.

Get rid of the leaves: Taking the time to clean your gutters and rake your yard of fall leaves will help start your winter off on the right foot. Leaves from the yard can be used for compost materials and free gutters will help decrease chances of ice forming.

Seal cracks: Cracks in your windows, doors and duct will increase your electric bill and decrease your comfort in the coldest months. Repairing these quickly will save you time and a headache. DMP certified contractors can also repair cracked concrete floors and walls in your home.

By taking time to thoroughly examine your home’s exteriors and discussing your budget concerns, DMP can help create a plan to protect your home for the winter months. Contact us today at 401-789-2181 to learn more about winter-related services, or to schedule an initial consultation.