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Residential Painting Services in Rhode Island: Dennis Moffitt Power Washing

Residential Painting Services in Rhode Island: Dennis Moffitt Power Washing

After a hot summer in South Kingston, Rhode Island, your porch, once pristine, may have accumulated some unwanted debris, spider webs, and dirt. Dust, humidity, and heat can all do great damage to a home’s exterior. But painting your home or porch can be a major undertaking, and often, the greatest solution is a simple power wash.

Here at Dennis Moffitt Painting, we ensure that the entire project is efficient, and our residential painting experts are ready to make your home clean again, just in time for football season. If there are stains, clogged ducts, or discolorations on your home, power washing is an great remedy. A quality painting contractor can change the look of your home from old to new, and increase its appeal, with very little disturbance to your normal routine. If difficult nooks and unreachable crannies are a concern, our home painting professionals find a way to make spotless every home from Westerly to Fall River.


Power washing dirtied brick, a darkened driveway, or soot on your siding will be the facelift you need—at a much lower cost than a brand new coat of paint. Our team of house painters are quick on the job, and take care to avoid shrubs, trees, or other landscaping near the exterior of your home. We do all we can to ensure that our residential painting experts help your home make the most striking first impression possible. 


So whether your home is ready for a rinse in Narragansett, or your driveway needs a deluge in Kingston, Dennis Moffitt Painting is ready to help. Contact us today at (401) 789-2181 to schedule a free estimate.