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Preserving History! A Closer Look At Painting the South County History Center

Preserving History! A Closer Look At Painting the South County History Center

As a longstanding Rhode Island painting company, it has been our pleasure to manage a wide variety of projects over the years. From new construction to classic seaside homes, restaurant ceilings to condos, we’ve painted it!

There’s something special, however, about being trusted with our historic local properties. Not only is it a chance to protect and preserve a part of our Rhode Island heritage, which is a privilege in itself, but it’s also an opportunity for our extremely talented team to flex their skills. After all, historic properties have unique considerations, and older surfaces call for a specialized approach.

Exterior Painting for the South County History Center

This historical center is all about protecting local history, and we’re all about protecting local surfaces. A perfect match!

Specifically, we painted the “Old Jail.” Aptly named, this jail dates back to 1792, and enjoys a well-deserved place on the local historic registry. As a little fun fact, it was originally made out of wood, but frigid weather, struggles with temperature regulation, pests, rot, and ease of escape made a rebuild necessary in 1858. The material of choice was the granite block construction that you can see here today.

Find the full history, and learn more about the History Center in general, right here!

So, what did we paint?

  • Soffits
  • Trim
  • Windows

What a difference!



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