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Paintball Mural Project in RI | Dennis Moffitt Painting

Paintball Mural Project in RI | Dennis Moffitt Painting
Paintball Mural Project in RI | Dennis Moffitt Painting

4th of July Paintball Mural

Wow! This mural was a whole lot of WOW! (and that is in all caps..) We have done funnier, brighter, more cheery or more patriotic murals, but this one was definitely the most exciting. When the team started firing, you can hear my uncontrollable screaming…I just had no idea what it was going to be like and it was AWESOME. The neighbors came running out, and at that point I knew I forgot to tell someone about it. I felt kinda bad, they probably dove under their coffee tables at first, but they loved it and stuck around to watch the end.

I was trying to think of another fun way to have fun with paint and I had to look no further than across the street. A good friend of mine Lenny Cuoco owns Extreme Paintball and Airsoft across the street in the Peacedale Mill Complex. It is an indoor battle center. I thought of this idea and his teams were more than fired up to help out. In total, 16,000 paintballs hit the building in less than 4 minutes. The guys were awesome and I can tell just how much fun they have with this sport.

Yeah, We're Painters But...

What I really learned is how different local companies can cross brand their business. Sure we are painters, but we had something in common with paint ballers..Go figure. They had a blast doing this and I am sure will get braggers rights in the paint ball world and I got to find something new to do with paint. As the paint balls don’t last that long, the best way to see the mural is through the video. Hope you enjoy and have an Extreme 4th of July, it is my favorite holiday.

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