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How to Paint and Leave NO Marks Behind!

How to Paint and Leave NO Marks Behind!

Painting a home can be a very rewarding, though time consuming, activity.  One way to make the experience even better is to avoid errant paint marks and paint drips.  As common as this problem is, there are a few ways to ensure your residential painting project doesn't result in paint ending up where it’s not meant to be.


First, move or cover furniture and floor space.  Move furniture away from areas you would like to paint.  If moving furniture is not an option, consider covering your furniture with a paint cloth or tarp.  Also cover any exposed floor space. 

Second, Tape!  Painter’s tape is your friend, so use it early and often.  Cover any areas where the wall you’re painting meets trim or ceiling.

Third, patience with the edges.  Take your time when painting around the edges of trim or joints where a wall meets the ceiling.  Being patient when painting these specific areas will lead to less mistakes and a more professional look.

Finally, use rollers for large spaces.  Use rollers to paint a large wall.  Make sure you don’t overload your roller, as this will lead to a splotchy, uneven paint job.  Technique is also important.  Be sure to zig zag when painting a large wall with a roller.  Painting vertically up and down can lead to unwanted paint marks on your wall.


If you have never painted a wall with a roller before, first try painting a room in your home with less foot traffic.  Do your best to perfect these steps before painting a living room or dining room.

Home decorating projects for home painters from Wickford to West Greenwich may involve multiple rooms with trim and wall space. In this case it may be best to contact a painting contractor.  Here at Dennis Moffitt Painting, we’re happy to offer you advice and schedule an appointment if needed.