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How to Paint A Table

How to Paint A Table

Given enough time, our furniture can get worn down. This is especially true for frequently used furniture. Few pieces are used more frequently than tables. Another fact about furniture is that it tends to be expensive. A great way to breathe life into an old table and get the most out of your investment is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Below, there are a few easy steps you can follow to restore your table.

Wash and Sand

Most tables are typically covered in a smooth varnish or finish to give it a nice sheen. While this looks nice, it doesn’t accept new coats of paint readily. To get around this dilemma, we will want to sand our table with a fine finish sandpaper (around 100-150 grit). By lightly going over the surfaces of the table with the paper, the finish will be roughened. These abrasions will allow paint to adhere to the table more readily. After you have sanded, thoroughly wipe any dust or debris from your table.

Prime and Paint

Since we want to assure that the new paint adheres well to our table, you will want to prime the table. By doing this you can be confident of a durable finish when you have applied your paint. Speaking of which, since we are painting an interior table in this example you will want to use water based, latex interior paint. We want water based paint because it holds up well to being cleaned. If it’s a smaller table, apply the paint using smooth overlapping strokes with a standard foam brush. For larger tables utilize a foam roller.


The final step is to give the table a new coat of varnish so it has the “new” sheen like the day it was brought home from the store. A home painter at DMP will tell their customers, from North Kingstown to Portsmouth, that they need to match their varnish with the paint they use. For example, since we used a water-based interior paint we will likewise want to use a water-based finish/varnish. Using a foam brush, apply smooth overlapping strokes and make sure the surface is completed coated. Allow the finish to completely dry before touching the table. Once your table is dry it is ready for use!

Whether you want to repaint an old table, or your entire home in the Jamestown or Narragansett areas, DMP house painters would love to help. Contact us online or by phone at (401) 789-2181 to speak with one of our paint contractors to schedule a free consultation.