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How to Paint a Ceiling in Wakefield, RI

How to Paint a Ceiling in Wakefield, RI

Dennis Moffitt Painting is a leader throughout Rhode Island in regards to residential interior painting. We have more than 30 years of experience working with clients on specific home improvement projects. Take a look at our portfolio for some examples, and trust us when we say we know what we’re doing. Tackling interior painting projects on your own can be daunting; here are some tips from DMP on how to paint a ceiling:

1. Gather materials and plan: This first step can easily be over looked by an ammeter. Make sure that your room is ready for a ceiling paint job. Remove furniture and spread drop cloths around the floor. Secure a step ladder and prep your rollers, brushes and extension poles. Apply tape around the molding and make sure that the walls are protected against the ceiling paint.

2. Prime: Don’t forget about these important small steps. Choosing to ignore planning and priming for your paint project is an easy way to spot beginners from professionals. Spending the extra time to do a primer coat will most likely allow you to do only one coat of paint.

3. Cut-In Line: When you’re ready to begin painting, start along the perimeter of the ceiling. Using a 2”-3” paintbrush and a step ladder, paint the 2” cut-in line that attaches the ceiling to the walls. Before moving the step ladder, use your roller to blend in the cut-in line paint. Move step ladder and continue along another section of the perimeter.

4. Zigzag: Once the perimeter has been covered, use an extension pole from the ground to paint the rest of the ceiling. Make zigzag patterns in a roughly 3’ square. Go back over the zigzag with straight stokes to even out the paint and eliminate lines. Overlap edges of square and be mindful of minimal brush strokes.

Painting a ceiling is an exhaustive task, which requires patience and precision. These steps will help you in an upcoming DIY project. But don’t forget that DMP has professionals who are able to do projects like this faster and better than beginner painters. Give us a call at 401-789-2181 to find out more about our exterior and interior painting services in Wakefiled, RI.