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How To Pick Cabinet Paint Colors for Your Rhode Island Home

How To Pick Cabinet Paint Colors for Your Rhode Island Home

Are you intrigued by the idea of painting your kitchen cabinets? There’s a lot to love about the process, creating a whole new look in the heart of your home without needing to plunk down exorbitant amounts of money for a long remodeling project. And if you partner with the right cabinet painter, you’ll enjoy high-quality finishes that offer a huge transformation and really last.

Now comes the big question: what color should you paint your cabinets?

If this all-important dilemma is tripping you up as you take the next step, keep reading. We asked our good friend and color expert, Kathe Eaton, for a handful of practical tips to keep in mind. We hope they help!

5 Tips for Picking Kitchen Paint Colors


1. What kind of cabinet color trends are you seeing these days?

Most people are still loving the white cabinets because they are timeless, but they want a warmer shade of white if they have a lot of beige and greige tones going on. Painting the island a different color is still big also.

2. A lot of people feel stuck with white. Do you have tips for incorporating more color into a kitchen palette?

Painting an accent wall is always a fun way to add color and can give just the right amount of pop to change the look. Changing out the hardware adds a new fresh look and swapping out bowls, vases and artwork etc. can also have an impact. A new backsplash never hurts either!

3. We’ve seen island accent colors that work really well. Do you have any tips for choosing a bolder option for islands only?

Stick with colors you love and you won't be disappointed. For example you don't need to go blue or green to be beachy if these aren't your colors. Beiges, warm yellows and earth tones will accomplish that also. Try to pick something you can live with for a while and always do samples before you commit. I use a big poster board and tape it on for a few days to make sure it's exactly what I want. Find an inspiration piece that would bring in a color you love: for example, a favorite plate or bowl (even a rug) and it will make it flow nicely.

4. What are a couple key considerations that homeowners should take into account while choosing cabinet colors (lighting, space, etc.)?

Write down a list of what you are trying to accomplish: do I want it to look bigger and brighter or warm and cozy? Am I more of a safe or trendy person? Will I need a light on all the time if I go darker, will it look smaller? Will too much white make it feel commercial, or bright and clean?

5. Any other tips, suggestions, or ideas?

Find something that fits your personality and build off that. Do what would make you feel happy when you walk in the room and not what happens to be trendy because trends can change quickly. Getting samples is a must - a color can look entirely different than it does on a small swatch. Don't be afraid to change; just do a little homework first and it will pay off. Finally, have fun with it!!!!

Special thanks again to Kathe for sharing her insights with us. If you have additional questions about cabinet painting, our process, or would like to chat about your own project ideas, please reach out to our team here at Dennis Moffiitt Painting.