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Exterior Painting and Carpentry in Cranston, RI

Exterior Painting and Carpentry in Cranston, RI

Our exterior painting season has been a busy one, taking us all over Rhode Island to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors. It’s still going strong too, especially as we look forward to fall’s cooler, even temperatures. Perfect for painting outdoors!

One of our favorite recent projects was in Cranston, RI. This gorgeous home was ready for fresh paint, and the homeowners invited us to take a look. Upon close inspection, we realized that there was more work to be done than originally met the eye.

The Siding Inspection Uncovered a Problem


We always carefully inspect the surfaces we paint, helping us to head off any potential issues and apply your fresh paint to sturdy, healthy substrate. Ultimately, this provides you with a much better value and a longer-lasting paint job.

This older beauty, we quickly discovered, was suffering from some serious rot damage.

We worked through the issues with the homeowner, building out a plan to bringour carpentry team into the mix for wood repair/replacement.

Pro Tip:

Do you know how to check for wood rot? It starts with a simple visual inspection, especially around trim, the bottom of your siding, and around window and door frames. It’s not always obvious - trying poking the wood with a screwdriver to see if it’s sturdy, or if it crumbles under pressure. Immediate repair or replacement is essential, stopping the spread of the rot in its tracks before it infects surrounding, healthy wood fibers.

Carpentry and Siding Installation


Off with the old and on with the new!

Our carpentry division did a fantastic job completing localized repairs, removing the contaminated wood and replacing it with healthy siding.

Exterior House Painting: Better (and Healthier!) Then Ever!


Once all the repairs were complete, our painting team got to work applying the new, fresh paint. This created a gorgeous, unified palette, totally blending the repairs with the existing siding. As an extra bonus, fresh paint also helps to seal out moisture, protecting the healthy wood from decay and environmental damage.

What’s the takeaway for YOU and your home?

We recommend frequently inspecting your home’s surfaces, checking for wood rot and paint failure. The faster you can catch the issue, the better! Maintenance is by far a faster, more cost-effective alternative to a full replacement or repaint.

If you have any other questions about your Rhode Island house painting project, please reach out! We’d love to discuss your goals with you.