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Exterior Concrete Coating and Waterproofing in South Kingstown

Exterior Concrete Coating and Waterproofing in South Kingstown

Exterior paint may offer an attractive face for your property, but did you know that it also offers invaluable protection? The right paint and/or coating system is your first line of defense. This is why we take the planning, preparation, and application process so seriously here at Dennis Moffitt Painting, partnering with you to protect and enhance your investments.

As a perfect example, we recently had the opportunity to meet a critical need for the Riverbend Athletic Center. They were having water infiltration issues, seeping right through the CMU block exterior.

First, let’s take a closer look at the signs of trouble, and then the system and solution we applied.

Does Your CMU Block Exterior Need To Be Sealed?

There were a couple of major red flags:

  • Paint was peeling around the interior perimeter of the entry doors, indicating that water was finding its way through
  • Efflorescence was present. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term, efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco, or natural stone surfaces. This salt residue is left behind by water; thus our concern about water intrusion.

Waterproofing a Concrete Block Exterior in South Kingstown


Here’s the course of action we recommended:

What is an elastomeric coating?

We can get really, really technical here, but we’re assuming you’d rather skip the science seminar and get to the good stuff: the benefits for your property.

Elastomeric coatings are higher volume solids than conventional paint, perfectly suited for coating and waterproofing rough surfaces like CMU. The coating is thick, strong, and flexible, originally designed for stucco. This thick, stretchy, strong coating can handle surface movement without breaking - it can even fill and bridge minor cracks!

Exterior Waterproof Coatings: Mission Accomplished

Riverbend’s exterior surfaces are stronger, more attractive, and better-protected than ever. That’s what we call a mission accomplished, and exactly why it’s important to have an experienced team handle your commercial and residential painting projects.

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