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DMP’s Residential Services: Free Design Consulting

DMP’s Residential Services: Free Design Consulting

While painting a room once can be a challenge, painting it twice is almost unbearable. Still, many homeowners in Providence, RI must face the headache of re-painting a room, simply because the shade of paint they chose was simply not right for the space. Plus, in an age of “everything goes” it’s hard to know the rules anymore! Are dark colors acceptable? And how many shades of white are there?

Many people just like you are left in the dark when it comes to paint selection, and most painting companies are standing by, their house painters ready to paint, but with empty buckets, waiting on you to make the color selection. 


Thankfully, at Dennis Moffitt Painting, we are not just painting contractors, we’re also part-time interior decorators! Our home decorating specialists love the science of selecting just the right color for your home, and the best part? The color consultation is free.


So whether your heart beats for vibrant red in West Greenwich, or you’re hoping for just the right white in Coventry, our staff designers work with your home painter to make it just right. Offer pictures of your furnishings, samples of fabrics you love, or even paint choices from other parts of your home, and we'll make sure your newly painted room fits perfectly with your house as a whole.


With Dennis Moffitt Painting, you won’t ever need to stand again puzzled by paint chips. If you’ve narrowed down your choices, or are starting from ground zero, we’re happy to help! Call us today at (401) 789-2181.