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Can Your Gutters Cause Siding Damage and Wood Rot?

Can Your Gutters Cause Siding Damage and Wood Rot?

As a Rhode Island painting and carpentry company, we see more than our fair share of wood rot and decay. It can be a major issue, especially in our more coastal regions that experience higher levels of airborne moisture (that beach view comes with a price!).

But oftentimes, it’s not airborne moisture, aging wood, or a design flaw that’s to blame. It can be traced right back to a system that’s supposed to be protecting you: your gutters.

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but gutters that are not functioning properly can cause catastrophic damage. Let’s take a closer look.

Top 5 issues caused by malfunctioning gutters

This might not be a fun read, but it’s important!

#1: Wood rot

As we mentioned above, gutters that are broken, clogged, or overflowing for any reason send water directly to vulnerable portions of your home’s exterior. Fascia, trim, windows, siding… Once they’re drenched, and become regularly saturated during downpours, it becomes very easy for fungal spores to get a toe hold.


#2: Interior moisture damage

Remember that famous line from Jurassic Park? Life finds a way? Well, so does water. When your gutters can’t do their job, water often seeps back in under your roof line, then travels along the path of least resistance. Pinpointing the source of these leaks can be very difficult, and worse yet, they’re sometimes not even noticed until serious damage has been done.

#3: Pest intrusion

The gift that keeps on giving. Soft, damp wood is a paradise for pests of all kinds, from rodents who think you just set out a “Welcome!” sign, to invasive ants and wasps. Making sure your siding is dry and solid is the best defense against these unsettling (and destructive) critters.

#4: Ice dams in the wintertime

If the water can’t flow the way it needs to, it freezes once those temperatures drop. And just like that you’ve created a barrier that keeps building and building as snow accumulates, collecting water behind it during freeze/thaw cycles. The damage can be immense since you’re not only putting excess weight on a structural vulnerability, but also forcing the water back onto your roof. It’s only a matter of time until you have water intrusion.

#5: Foundation damage and water in your basement

Yup, it gets even worse… Water that seeps down your siding naturally finds its way to your foundation. Pooling then erodes your walls, damaging the foundation and often finding its way into your basement.

The solution? Gutter repair and installation in Rhode Island

If your gutters are damaged, make sure they’re repaired. Or, if they’re missing altogether (or damaged beyond repair), invest in professional gutter installation. The benefits are immense, and you’ll be paid back dividends for years to come. Plus, you may want to talk to your professional gutter company about additional improvements, including gutter guards that shield against debris (no more fall cleanups!), or heat cables that melt away ice dams before they can even form.

If you have questions, contact us at Dennis Moffitt Painting! Our dedicated gutter division, Brothers That Just Do Gutters Rhode Island, specializes in exactly the services you need.