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Can you repair or replace your deck in the fall?

Can you repair or replace your deck in the fall?

Okay, we get it… Talking about deck repair or replacement in Rhode Island during the fall feels a little like shopping for a new beach chair when there’s snow on the ground. But bear with us.

Building or upgrading your deck during the colder seasons actually makes a lot of sense, and it offers specific advantages that are too good to miss. Let’s take a closer look together.

4 reasons why fall is the perfect season for deck building

Your local deck builders are more available

If you wait until spring to call your carpentry pros, you might get lucky, but more likely than not your deck won’t be done until mid-summer. That’s because you’re diving into a project during peak season and all your friends and neighbors are thinking the exact same thing. The wait list can be long unless you plan ahead and book them in advance.

Fall and winter are obviously off-season for decks, meaning that your deck builder can finish your project a lot faster.

Your deck will be done when you actually want to use it

Let’s be real: an unfinished deck during the summertime is about as depressing as a sports car with a flat tire. You can look at it all you want, but you can’t use it… Building your deck during the fall ensures that it’s ready and waiting for you when you want to fire up your grill in April.

Easier on your grass and landscaping

Deck building often requires heavy tools and equipment, all of which can leave an unavoidable mark on your lawn. The ground tends to be harder in the fall and winter as those temps drop, making the surface much more durable. No comparison to the soft, smushy ground in springtime.

More predictable weather

Our falls in Rhode Island tend to be pretty stable, weatherwise. That’s ideal for working outside. Spring is rainy and summer is volatile, with rounds of intense heat, all of which can work against your project and timeline.

Don’t need a new deck? How about a deck board replacement?

Maybe the structure and size of your deck is just fine, but you’d like to upgrade those splintery deck boards to a smooth, maintenance-free composite material. Fall is a perfect season for that too. In fact, you can even do it right through the more frigid winter months since the work doesn’t involve digging or pouring cement.

Have more questions about deck building in Wakefield, RI?

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