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A Downtown Transformation! Commercial Painting in Providence, RI

A Downtown Transformation! Commercial Painting in Providence, RI

One of the greatest investments you can make in your commercial property is routine exterior painting, cleaning, and caulking.

Painting, aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, helps to protect your surfaces, offering a first line of defense against corrosion, contaminants, moisture intrusion, pest intrusion, and more.

Cleaning, like professional power washing on an annual or bi-annual basis, extends the lifespan of your paint and coatings. Because thorough cleaning removes mold, mildew, dirt, and other accumulated debris, we recommend scheduling this kind of deep exterior clean every spring, at minimum.

Caulking offers an essential seal around the more vulnerable portions of your commercial property’s exterior envelope. Over time caulk grows brittle and damaged, making routine inspections and re-application essential. The benefits will be an increase in efficiency, and a decrease in moisture intrusion, energy costs, and pests.

Recently we had the opportunity to offer just this kind of maintenance to a beautiful building in Providence.

Exterior Commercial Painting and Prep


Here’s a look at the general scope of work that we were contracted to perform:

  • First, we power washed all the surfaces to be painted as part of the prep process. This removed any dirt, dust, and mildew, creating a clean surface for secure paint adhesion.
  • We filled all cracks in the EIFS (stucco) siding with an acrylic caulk.
  • We used a urethane caulk around the windows and doors, repairing and replacing as needed. Each window pane was also caulked, adding maximum efficiency.
  • Wherever the stucco needed it, our team repaired, patched, and matched the surrounding surfaces.
  • We painted all metal handrails, doors, and even the transformer housing with a specialized product: Sherwin-Williams’ DTM.
  • We prepped and painted the bollards in the parking area.
  • All the exterior stucco was also painted with two coats of Sherwin-Williams Loxon XP, an elastomeric waterproofing coating.

In short, the exterior was radically transformed with the highest of standards. We’re proud of our team’s hard work!

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