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5 Custom Carpentry Ideas for Your Rhode Island Home

5 Custom Carpentry Ideas for Your Rhode Island Home

When it comes to ramping up your interior style, you might immediately think of either painting or remodeling, right? Painting is your go-to for a faster update, while remodeling is the right choice if you have substantial, structural changes in mind.

But what if there was a middle ground?

That’s where custom interior carpentry really shines. With the right pro at the chop saw, you can elevate your home and make substantial changes and improvements without that dreaded “demo day,” or long timelines.

Here are a few popular ideas to consider.

Install a shiplap wall

Whether you want one accent wall anchoring the space or to completely cover the room, shiplap is a red-hot style right now. It fits our Rhode Island aesthetic particularly well, reminiscent of beach houses, summer days, and good vibes. Makes you want to crack open a lobstah, right?

How about a reclaimed wood accent wall?

If you want more gnarl and character than smooth, white shiplap can offer, how about reclaimed wood? In fact, more than an accent wall, it’s really a statement piece. Almost like artwork. You just can’t beat the rugged charm and character of weathered wood that has a story to tell.

Crown molding and trim

Those crisp, mitered edges come together to create an instantly classy look. Crown molding is timeless, beautiful, and just brings everything up a notch. And not only can we install this kind of molding and trim around the perimeter of a room, but we can also add it to existing cabinetry.

Wainscoting is always a winner

Wainscoting and chair rail used to be an uber practical way to protect your wall from bumps and damage, and it still is if we’re being honest. Especially if you have kids. But it’s also a fast way to give a room or three a totally new look, like the dining space above! New paint, new wainscoting, new room! Only it’s not.

Custom cabinets and built-ins

Okay, time to really get creative. Is your mudroom a catch-all? Tired of cleats and backpacks lying all over the place? You might just be ready for some built-in shelving and cabinetry, giving your mudroom a new lease on life. It’s a perfect way to really maximize the space too.

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