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Top Front Door Paint Colors: Here's What's Trending!

Top Front Door Paint Colors: Here's What's Trending!

With fall officially here, color is on our mind. And not just the natural hues of that vibrant foliage, but paint colors, too. Homeowners like you are buttoning up exterior painting and carpentry projects, ensuring that their home looks its best and is fully protected before the harsh winter weather arrives.

Today, let’s focus on a focal point: your front door. You could absolutely just refresh an existing color, or choose a tried and true option… Or you could give yourself permission to walk on the more vibrant side. Bolder, brighter door colors are undeniably “in,” leveraging color psychology to invoke feelings of warmth, comfort, excitement, or calm before a guest even steps foot inside.

And, as a side note, if you’re selling your home, some front door colors have even been shown to drive up sale prices. Talk about the power of paint!

For today, let’s dig into what’s turning heads this season.

Top Trending Paint Colors for Front Doors


  • Bold Blues: Across Rhode Island, varying shades of blue, from navy to cerulean, are making a splash. They're cool, elegant, and carry a touch of sophistication.

  • Vibrant Yellows and Golds: Want to make a sunny statement? Yellows and golds, with their inherent warmth, have been radiating cheerfulness on front doors. They’re especially popular in homes that get plenty of natural light.

  • Classic Neutrals: While bold colors are exciting, there’s an undying love for neutrals. Grays, taupes, and off-whites offer timeless elegance and blend seamlessly with almost any architectural style.

  • Deep Greens: For those who adore nature, deep forest and olive greens are gaining traction. They’re versatile, grounding, and often act as a beautiful bridge between the home and its natural surroundings.

  • Bright Reds: Nothing grabs attention quite like a radiant red. Symbolizing passion and energy, red front doors are both timeless and bold.

popular front door paint colors in Rhode Island

What Should You Consider When You’re Choosing a Paint Color for Your Front Door?

Our best advice is to choose a color you love. You want to feel happy every time you walk up your path or step onto the porch. But in case you need some more concrete tips, keep on reading.

  • Architectural Style: The architecture of your home can influence your color choice. A Victorian might look splendid with deeper, rich tones, while a modern home can pull off something brighter.

  • Surroundings: Consider your landscaping, the color of your home’s siding, and even the shades of neighboring houses. You can choose to complement or contrast, but ensure it’s visually appealing.

  • Durability: On a practical note, remember that Rhode Island’s weather can be unpredictable. Always opt for high-quality paints that can endure the elements and maintain their vibrancy over time. You don’t want to lose that color you fell in love with after a season or two!

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