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Top FAQ About Exterior Painting in Rhode Island

Top FAQ About Exterior Painting in Rhode Island

Every painting project involves a degree of trust, right? You’re inviting painters to your home, sharing a vision, hoping the job will be done right, and making an investment. You’re trusting that the work will be finished as promised, and that you can feel comfortable around the people actually doing the work too.

This is all especially true when you’re painting your home’s whole exterior. A room or two? That’s one thing. A full exterior repaint? Well, that’s another thing entirely.

Our approach is built on our appreciation for your trust, and a firm belief that “the experience matters.” In other words, we don’t want you to tolerate your house painting process, pushing through to the finish line. We want you to love the journey too. And that includes asking questions, understanding the process and our approach, and feeling at ease.

Today, let’s dive into some residential exterior painting FAQ. And if your question didn’t make our list, let us know! We’d love to answer it for you and chat through anything else on your mind (that’s painting-related, anyway).

How do you prepare for exterior painting?


Surface preparation is actually 80% of a successful exterior paint job. There can be some variation depending on your specific home, but in general we begin with a thorough power washing, scraping, surface repairs (as needed), sanding, priming, and painting. The goal is to create the cleanest surface profile possible for the best paint adhesion. That guarantees that it’ll last longer and look better.

How do you protect plants and landscaping while painting?

We make as little impact as possible. This includes carefully covering landscaping, and containing chips/debris.

Do you have in-house painters or subcontractors?

We have a team of dedicated employees. They’re verified, trained professionals, but they’re also friendly, good people that we know you can feel comfortable having in and around your home. You can also count on clear communication, with a Crew Leader who is always available should you need anything at all.

How do you choose exterior paint colors?

Most of our clients either want to refresh an existing color, or have an idea in mind for something totally new. If you aren’t sure what color you’d like, or would rather explore some new options, we can connect you with a professional color consultation. There’s no substitute for expert insight and inspiration!

Does exterior paint quality matter?

Yes! Better quality paint lasts longer, retains its color, and offers better protection for your surfaces. We’ll walk you through your options, but only recommend products that we know will serve you and your home well.

Do you offer wood repair too?

Like we mentioned above, surface prep is everything! We have a carpentry team that can handle any wood repairs or replacement that might need to be done prior to painting. We make it easy and simple by keeping it in-house.

How long does exterior paint last in Rhode Island?

It depends on your specific home, weather exposure, previous paint jobs, and a whole host of other factors. On average, you can expect your exterior paint to last anywhere between 6-10 years. We do, however, recommend maintenance and touch-ups to keep colors vibrant and avoid costly paint failure. Routine care drives down costs over time, and makes your next repaint that much easier!

If you have any other questions about interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, or carpentry, please let us know. We’re here to help!