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Thanksgiving Makeover in RI | Day 1

Thanksgiving Makeover in RI | Day 1

It was nice to finally get going today. The major plans are set and we have a direction. This day was much different than last year's day 1 as we probably had 60 people last year. Today we needed to concentrate on getting stuff out of the garage and into the storage container. We also had to do some light demo.

We were done pretty quickly, and we are ahead of the game as we have a materials list and a schedule laid out for the week.

What we are really excited about is that the Exeter Job Corps Academy approached us about getting involved. Their students come with their own workman's compensation insurance as well as their teachers. We have a couple of different options on how they can really help out. Thank you Linda at the Job Corp for reaching out to us.

Some other trades that stepped up to help us out are Coastal Plumbing and Johnny Mac electrician. Stay tuned as we start framing towards the end of the week.


(Picture Explanation: From LEFT to RIGHT are: Pete Manning, TF Manning Builders; Greg Bressler, Picus Woodwrights; Pete Grandin, Grandscapes

They are going over grading issues as the driveway slopes steeply into the new addition space.