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Residential Painting Services in Wakefield, RI: Dennis Moffitt Paint Types & Finishes

Residential Painting Services in Wakefield, RI: Dennis Moffitt Paint Types & Finishes

When planning your next painting project in Warwick or Wickford, it’s important to consider all types of paints and which one best suites each room of your residential interior. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to interior painting. While home decorating decisions vary from room to room, so does the type of paint. You will want to use a different finish for your child’s play room than for your bedroom. Dennis Moffitt Painting has more than 35 years of experience in commercial painting and residential painting in the Fall River, Richmond and Middletown areas. We make it our job to know which type of paint is best for painting a home. It’s also good to familiarize yourself with the various types of paints and their ideal uses for your residential space.

Latex Paint:

Latex paints are water-based and have numerous positive qualities. These fast-drying and low-odor paints are the easiest to clean. A latex paint with a flat finish is an industry standard for many interior residential spaces, such as the living room. However, if you have children, a painting contractor would recommend moving in the direction of a semi-gloss, latex paint, which is by far the easiest for those inevitable crayon-colored walls. At DMP, our color experts evaluate your lighting, your wall’s smoothness, and your budget to select a paint that best fits each room. While oil-based paints hold up better against high-traffic, latex paints resist yellowing better and have more resistance to mildew. These paints are best used in rooms that are susceptible to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Oil Paint:

Oil based paints are generally more expensive and have a stronger odor than latex paints, but they are also more durable. At DMP we know the importance of keeping cost down for our customers; however, on high-traffic areas we aren’t willing to cut corners in the wrong areas. Choosing a quality oil-based, gloss paint for your doors, baseboards and trim will prove more durable than a latex paint. Cleaning oil and solvent based paint products is a more involved process than with water-based materials. DMP uses paint thinners to ensure your space is left cleaner than when we found it.

Whatever the project, choosing the right paint and finish will allow you the best possible end product. At Dennis Moffitt Painting, we have more than 35 years of experience as a residential and commercial painting company throughout the Wakefield and South Kingstown area. Contact us today at 401-789-2181 with any questions, or to schedule an initial consultation.