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Residential Painting Services in Rhode Island: Dennis Moffitt Waterproofing

Residential Painting Services in Rhode Island: Dennis Moffitt Waterproofing

Seasons are changing, and our dry summer will quickly cycle into cooler fall months. However, the upcoming holidays bring more than just fresh leaves and hot cocoa; colder months mean harsher weather. When considering your commercial or residential preventative maintenance, it’s imperative to evaluate all aspects of your structure.

Dennis Moffitt Painting is a one-stop source for all things related to your residential exterior. Known for more than just our residential painting, commercial painting, and carpentry skills, DMP has established itself as a painting service industry leader in Rhode Island for commercial and residential waterproofing in areas from Newport to Narragansett.

Waterproofing is necessary for building structures that are continually exposed and/or susceptible to water and moisture. High humidity, snow, and rain can slowly eat away at a building’s exterior, eventually weakening the interior structure. Waterproofing essentially builds a barrier between the water and the exterior of the structure, preventing this from happening. If your commercial or residential investment has not been properly waterproofed, it risks damage to its overall quality.

By taking time to thoroughly examine building exteriors, communicate with property owners, and evaluate all parts of the structure, Dennis Moffitt Painting can accurately asses the level of waterproofing needed to maintain your building’s value. With more than 35 years experience, our expertise as a painting company with more than 35 years experience will assist you in achieving the most durable, long-lasting finish available.

Whether or not you’ve chosen the best paints for exterior siding, or feel water-related issues don’t effect you, it’s imperative to include quality waterproofing in your seasonal preventative maintenance. Dennis Moffitt Painting is ready to help in protecting the investments of our customers in the Providence and North Kingstown areas. Contact us today at 401-789-2181 to schedule a free estimate, or to learn more about our waterproofing services.