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Interior Painting and Wainscoting in Westerly, RI: Creating a Fresh Look!

Interior Painting and Wainscoting in Westerly, RI:  Creating a Fresh Look!

How can you radically update a dining room without any renovation or remodeling?

We get it! You’re ready for a new look, but don’t want to deal with the hassle, mess, and expense of knocking down walls or reconfiguring your layout. As long as your space meets your needs, there are plenty of cosmetic updates you can make that deliver a drastically new style without a remodel.

As a case in point, let’s take a look at the dining room in this Westerly home.


Nice size, shape, and lighting, but our client wanted to add some real wow factor. We came up with a plan, then our painting and carpentry team got to work.

New wainscoting for the win!

It used to be that wainscoting served a specific purpose: protect the wall from bumps and damage by adding wood reinforcement. It still serves that purpose, but today it’s used more as a way to add a feeling of definition and space. Plus, depending on the height at which it’s run, it can make your ceilings feel taller as well.

In short, it’s classy and it looks awesome.

So, phase 1 was a custom wainscoting installation just over halfway up the wall.



Next up? Fresh interior paint in a bold color

Remember, we’re going for a statement here. With crisp, white wainscoting and trim below, our client opted for a bold blue above. It emphasizes every aspect of the room and packs a serious punch.


Amazing feedback…

And here’s what our client had to say (you can find it on Google Reviews):

“Dennis Moffitt Painting was more than a paint service they also acted as our general contractor when we needed both carpentry and painting done before our new furniture would arrive. We recently decided to move to RI and purchase a charming house with vaulted ceilings. Before we moved in we wanted to make the space a bit cooler with grays and blues as well as take up carpet and lay down hard wood in three of the smaller rooms to match the rest of the house.

In this day and age we knew it would be a struggle to get contractors in on our tight schedule. A family member highly recommended DMP who they said took care of everything for their small job including coming in when quoted and taking care of moving all the furniture. I looked them up and saw that they also worked with a carpenter service as we wanted to add wainscoting to the formal dining room. That led to a discussion with the carpenters and finding out that they worked with a company that did flooring also. As we wanted to get rid of wall to wall carpeting in three of the rooms and DMP said they could come in within a month, before our furniture came and during times when we would be away, we decided to hire them.

Not only did the carpentry and painting come out stunning and on time, we noticed some minor touchups that were needed for some of the darker paints. DMP came right out and fixed them.

I've done a number of large renovations in the past and DMP was by far the easiest and most professional contractors I have ever worked with. We had a vision of how we wanted to transform the house we bought into a place we could call our home. DMP helped turn that vision into a reality.

P.S. Ignore the light fixture that doesn't match in the pictures. We picked up a nice brass fixture to complement the dark blue and it hasn't been installed yet.”

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