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How to Paint a Staircase in Wakefield, RI

How to Paint a Staircase in Wakefield, RI

As the holidays start to slowly wind down, it’s a chance for low-key weekends and paying attention to neglected to-do lists. Have you considered an interior renovation project during a weekend in the New Year? Dennis Moffitt Painting has more than 30 years of experience in Wakefield, Rhode Island, customizing spaces for commercial and residential interiors and exteriors. Our qualified contractors and our color experts offer you the chance to update every aspect of your home’s interior. Here’s how to paint a staircase:

Start at the top: When painting stairs, the most important thing to remember is to start from the top of the staircase and work down. This allows you to correct any mess-ups along the way. If you plan to varnish or paint the hand-railing, do this first. Again, it allows you to fix any mistakes while you go down the staircase.

Scrape & Sand: Anytime you make the effort to paint a residential interior or exterior, you should ensure that you have sanded the area first, and scraped away any unnecessary paint. Sanding the area can correct any imperfections on the surface, and give you a clean slate.

Clean: Make sure that all surfaces have been dusted and are free of debris before beginning to paint. Combine an all-purpose cleaner and warm water to wipe away dust and give the staircase a fresh start. Be sure to do this after you’ve sanded, or else you’ll be doing it twice.

*Bonus tip: To create a contrasting effect, paint the top and sides of the staircase different colors. Even pairing two neutral colors can give your room a more modern look and feel.

DMP is committed to excellent customer service. We can help you plan your project in stages, so that the cost can be spread out over time. We also offer a free color consultation with all our contracts, and our qualified, on-staff designer is available for questions and recommendations. If you are ready to jumpstart an interior renovation in or around Wakefield, Rhode Island, please call us at 401-789-2181 to learn more about our many services.