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How to choose interior paint colors in Wakefield, RI

How to choose interior paint colors in Wakefield, RI

When planning to redecorate your residential interior, our experts at Dennis Moffitt Painting appreciate the difficult task of choosing paint colors. Deciding on a palette for your home interior requires preference, practicality, and confidence. It’s not an easy decision, so we have some tips to choosing the best color for your home:

Get inspired: Choose a piece in the room you’ll be painting (maybe a set of throw-pillows, a piece or art, or the area rug) and draw a color out from its scheme. Using a color that pairs with a favorite room fixture will draw guests to your prized possession, and serve as a conversation piece.

Be practical: Neutral colors offer a balanced and consistent canvas for your home. Choosing a beige or brown can tie together multiple pieces in the room. It’s also safe to assume neutral colors if you’re planning to sell anytime soon. And remember, these neutral colors don’t have to be boring. Take advantage of our color experts to find which of the many, many swatches would best suite your residential interior.

Consider the floor plan: If your home is laid out so that the living room leads to the dining room, which leads to the kitchen, which leads to an office - you’ll want to take extra care to plan out the color in each of these spaces. Sticking to one color throughout an open floor plan can actually make a home feel smaller and less interesting. Consider choosing one color, maybe blue, and then using various shades in each room.

At DMP, our painting professionals have more than 30 years of experience working in commercial and residential interiors and exteriors throughout Wakefield, Rhode Island and in the surrounding region. With each contract, we provide a free color consultation to help the customer narrow down the many color choices in front of them. Contact us today at 401-789-2181 to learn more about the services we offer for commercial and residential interiors and exteriors.