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Commercial Painting Services in Wakefield, RI: Choosing the Right Colors for your Commercial Busines

Commercial Painting Services in Wakefield, RI: Choosing the Right Colors for your Commercial Busines

Dennis Moffitt painting specializes in the residential and commercial painting business in New England, and we’re eager to help bring your business into the 21st century. Are the walls in your office all white - or worse, a stale shade of pink? Is every room painted a different color? Are you having trouble choosing the right accent piece on your exterior?

First impressions are powerful and colors have meanings. What could the colors in your commercial interior and exterior be saying to potential customers?

Red: Red is the most intense and emotional color. It draws attention immediately, and sometimes not for great reasons. Red cars tend to get stopped more for traffic violations. This color shouldn’t be used in excess; however, strategically placing red in your commercial exterior could attract good attention. Consider painting the shutters or front door this color.

Brown: A consistently safe choice, brown is a neutral color that is reminiscent of the outdoors and nature. Its soothing quality and ability to blend with other colors makes this a great choice from many commercial interiors. Your customers will feel more relaxed in a room with brown undertones.

Blue: Blue is one of the most popular colors used in businesses; however, it is seldom used in the food business. This powerful color brings to mind positive imagery such as the sky and the ocean, but it also works to suppress the appetites of most individuals. It’s considered a masculine color, so consider using this in your commercial interior and exterior if your target demographic is mostly male.

Yellow: While this color is warm and peaceful, it’s often times associated with youth. If you’re painting a children’s clothing store or daycare, yellow on the exterior can be a great choice. But if you’re in the business of selling equipment to third-generation farmers, they might perceive a yellow interior as flighty or childish.

At DMP, we provide our customers with color consultations. We take into account your brand, your real estate, your target audience and your budget to provide you with a specific color scheme that fits your business. The experts at DMP have many years of experience working with both commercial and residential painting companies throughout Rhode Island, and we bring wisdom to your decision-making process. Contact us today at 401-789-2181 to set up an initial consultation and to find out the breadth of services that we have to offer.