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Commercial Painting Services: Concrete Repairs

Commercial Painting Services: Concrete Repairs

In industrial business in Providence, RI, safety is vital to success. There are meetings where we go over safety regulations; there handbooks filled with tips for accident-free warehouses. Even minor flaws in your warehouse floor can create major problems, though its these small issues that are often overlooked.

No matter what your industry, in Wickford or Wakefield, equipment accidents can be expensive. Cracked or worn concrete floors can damage forklifts, create obstacles, and cause a hazard for employees. As floor wear-and-tear increases with time, so does the need to repair old concrete floors.


Simply pouring wet concrete into a crack or dip in your floor won’t make much of a difference. Instead, prepping the edges correctly and using the proper materials ensures that the crack will not only be repaired, but also prevented from making an unwanted return!


If you see that your warehouse or commercial space in Warwick or East Greenwich is in need of such repairs, don’t let the cracks trip you up. Call your local painting contractor here at Dennis Moffitt Painting. We offer exceptional services in interior and exterior commercial painting, but also provide expert repairs for concrete flooring and epoxy floor coatings. 


We’re happy to offer you advice and schedule an appointment if needed. Contact us today at (401) 789-2181.